April 15, 2015 § Leave a comment

On a small hill nearby, Garry oak trees stand in meadows that burst forth with an undergrowth of wildflowers every spring.

IMG_8400Garry oaks & camas flowers

IMG_8412Buttercups & camas

IMG_8398Unopened camas

 I never tire of this little bit of wild nestled within the city…

IMG_8430Shooting star flowers & camas

IMG_8403Fawn lily

IMG_8401Common lomatium

 …and the way that nature tends its own garden never grows old.

IMG_8422A bumblebee drinking from the flower on miner’s lettuce

IMG_8416Small-flowered collinsia (small-flowered blue-eyed Mary)…maybe…

IMG_8407Shooting stars & camas

During an unpredictable spring day – filled with a mixture of sun, blue sky, clouds, wind, hail, and rain – I went to capture the resilient beauty of these flowers…

IMG_8445Saxifraga or slimleaf onion?…again, maybe…

IMG_8444‘Wild’ lilac

IMG_8440Sea blush

 …and enjoy the peaceful solitude always found there.



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