Feeding the Baby

May 18, 2015 § Leave a comment

A few weeks ago I took some photos of my garden to share here on root & bumble, much like Amanda and Amy have done…a “garden introduction” of sorts.  Well, things got busy around here and now those photos I took of the raised beds have much more action happening, but I am going to share them anyhow.


When I say “things got busy” I actually mean our 6 month old daughter is becoming more and more entertaining every single day, including, but not limited to, dunking Sophie la Girafe into my coffee. Shenanigans such as this have been the main reason for my lack of a garden introduction here on the blog.

We are into our third spring here at our house and the garden got a major facelift this season!  For the two years previous we weeded and planted various sections of our garden, leaving patches here and there to maintain its jungle-y look.  This season we are all about the raised beds, thanks to my husband and dad.  So far we’ve got the following planted: peas, spinach, carrots, kale, broccoli, cauliflower, beets, potatoes (mine were chitted, unlike Amanda’s), spaghetti squash and sweet sugar pumpkins (hello, Thanksgiving pie), a variety of lettuces, cucumber, blueberries, strawberries and the corn is just around the corner!  So far the peas and potatoes are doing the best, while the rest of the produce is taking its sweeeeeet time.  I’m growing slightly suspicious of our soil, which was another new addition this year…stand by for further reports.


Our main garden space when we moved in, spring 2013, which hadn’t been touched in over five years.


Our main garden space today! We’ve worked so hard, together with the help of my parents, to get this space as gorgeous, functional and productive as it is.

I’ve always been really into Little House on the Prairie.  I loved reading those books and watching the episodes on TV when I was eight years old, and twelve, sixteen…twenty-eight.  Having a home complete with a beautiful, big space (à la LHOTP) where I can grow my own sustenance has been a dream come true.  Growing up I didn’t realize my latent love for gardening – in fact, I’m fairly certain I never helped my mom in her garden, ever. Sorry, mom. Now that I am old and responsible -ha!- I recognize the importance of knowing at least a tiny bit about growing one’s own food.  Upon moving to the Island eight years ago I slowly began to learn bits and pieces about the “slow food” movement, local purchasing, organic produce and growing my own eats.  Every day in our garden is a step toward my greater understanding of my surroundings and my deepening knowledge of how I want to live my life.


I saw this idea on Pinterest and thought, “Hey, we have old drain tiles just like that!” I hereby dub this herb garden as my fist official Pinterest non-fail.


Unchitted potatoes in the front, peas and things in raised beds behind.

Tonight we ate our second harvest from our garden – our “go to” salad with bits of cheese, roasted almonds and homemade balsamic dressing.  Last week we got the go-ahead to start feeding our daughter real food!  I can’t wait to harvest our peas and mash them for her; a true Caroline Ingalls, I am.


I’m doing the lettuce in planter boxes this year because I didn’t have luck with them in the garden last year.


Can you say nutritious and delicious? Yes, I posed my salad on our cat’s sheep skin bed.

Until later,



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