June 9, 2015 § Leave a comment

It is impossible at this time of year to keep my thoughts from wandering over to Sweden and, more specifically, Midsommar.  Having lived there, I celebrated three midsummers along with some of the things that make this one of the most important, if not the most important, holidays in that northern country, including: the beautifully long days of light and warmth, pickled herring and shots of snaps, fresh and locally grown strawberries with cream, and yes – the locally grown new potatoes….I mean, potatis….topped with crème fraîche.

And speaking of locally grown, I’ve begun harvesting my unchitted, early variety Warba potatoes.  In fact, dinner last night was almost entirely from the garden – freshly picked and pulled with no time to lose nutritious delicious-ness.  If I had a cow then I could say that the butter and yoghurt used were also homegrown, but I don’t (but if I did have a cow, I’d want it to be a jersey cow.  How can one not love jersey cows with their big, kind eyes and long lashes? I think they’re the prettiest cows around 🙂 ).

So with Midsommar on the horizon, and the long days of summer at the doorstep, I threw together a simple meal with the main course featuring the humble potatis.

IMG_8556An assortment of fresh greens (and blues!)

IMG_8575A salad made with Osaka Purple mustard greens (Omega Blue Farms), Drunken Woman and Pomegranate Crunch lettuce (Salt Spring Seeds), chives, and Sugar Ann snap peas, Corvair spinach and Borage flowers (West Coast Seeds).

IMG_8561New potatis! No potato is too small to leave behind…

IMG_8568I started with butter (unsalted), sea salt, ground black pepper, fresh sage leaves, Red Russian garlic scapes, feather-y fennel leaves, and the flower stem of an onion plant…

IMG_8572…then added some Rainbow swiss chard (Salt Spring Seeds), Merlin beet greens and a few small stems of some Sorrento Raab broccoli (West Coast Seeds)….

IMG_8581…served with a topping of plain yoghurt sprinkled with some freshly cut Italian parsley.




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