Harvest. It’s Happening.

July 1, 2015 § 1 Comment

In fact, I’ve been eating so much gosh darn greens that I haven’t had a moment to blog ;).

How to harvest greens?

The “Snip Snip”:

In the past I’ve used the snip snip method at the base of the plant and taken a few leaves from each plant at a time. This way, the plant continues to grow and creates a long vertical stem with a leafless trunk like base. I’ve done this for years, but do find that after a few weeks of this, the leaves growing at the top of the plant change texture and just aren’t that tasty.

The “Mow Down”:

This year, I decided to try the mow down method that is just as it sounds … cutting the entire plant near the ground so that it sprouts all new leaves over again. I wasn’t 100% sure whether this works for all greens, but gave it a whirl with my Pomegranate Crunch from Salt Spring Seeds.


Two weeks later, here’s what sprouted back:

Mow down sprouted

I was thrilled to see that the plants that I mowed down are all growing back fresh new leaves. I’m not sure if you can pull this off more than once, but I’ll give it a try after these freshies are harvested.

For the past few weeks I’ve been combining my Pomegranate Crunch lettuce and Osaka Purple Mustard Greens from Omega Blue Farms along with some chopped chives and incorporating them into my daily salad for lunch. Well, let’s be honest, my husband usually (read: always) makes our lunches, but at least I can take credit for growing the greens.

Spicy mustard greens, chives and pomegranate crunch lettuce from the garden.

Spicy mustard greens, chives and pomegranate crunch lettuce from the garden.

Eating from the garden is topping the charts of things I’m loving most these hot summer days. I also adore these yellow beauties (and so do the bees):

Mustard Blossoms

Mustard Blossoms


When you harvest, do you snip snip, mow down, or use another method?

– Amy





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