Root & Bumble is an online garden of sorts … a space where friends who farm can plant stories, updates and photos of their personal garden adventures, trials, successes and learnings.


Amy's Profile pic  Amy is a longtime lover of growing food no matter the space (or sun!) she’s got. Currently she lives in beautiful James Bay, both near the ocean and downtown Victoria BC. Her garden is a compact urban farm comprised of raised beds, some potted crops, and stolen raspberries under a skinny slice of sun in a townhouse backyard.

_MG_4213 Karley discovered her love for growing food in spring 2013.  During her childhood at home she never helped out in the garden, but upon purchasing her home she found the overgrown garden space that came with the house suggested multiple backyard food growing possibilities! Since then, numerous vegetables have undergone a trial and error garden experiment of sorts.  Karley’s garden is comprised of raised beds, a few barrels and a miniature corn field.

IMG_7972  Amanda is continually filled with wonder by nature – both wild and cultivated – which is why she loves living on Vancouver Island.  Her garden is situated in a sunny spot where she gazes longingly at her neighbour’s garden soil while sharing her own with the roots of towering fir trees growing on the other side of the fence.  She delights in planting seeds because there is so much hope for what each one will become.


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